Reducing Operational Costs with Todays HVAC Technology

The data has been building on energy efficiency — and those that got in early are really feeling the financial benefits of lower operational cost. Across all industry’s the demand for making the switch is high, and manufacturers are hard at work developing products and technologies that aim for peak performance and efficiency.

How the Commercial HVAC industry is making palpable progress, right now.


Distribution and shipping centers across the U.S. suffer every winter from uncomfortably cold warehouses and drafty loading docks. While this might be fine with the products next to the bays waiting to be shipped, Marc on the forklift would like to come to work and not have to wear winter coveralls and gloves during his 8-12 hour shift.

You may be able to crank the heat, point a bullet heater near the shipping bay, or put up some cheap plastic curtains that Marc is less than fond of — but these “solutions” cost thousands of dollars each year. These less than stellar options still leave Marc and the other warehouse workers just as cold.

The leading solutions of today looks quite a bit different, and perform miles ahead of the inadmissible solutions of the yesteryear’s mentioned above.

So what is the optimal route to pursue when considering 8-by-10 roll-up shipping docks? Commercial grade Air Curtains. These units have come along way in terms of energy efficiency, and continue to be used on so many applications.

The air curtain solves more issues than you might think. The most obvious being reducing a buildings running (HVAC) cost. Some less obvious benefits; reduces operational stress on existing heating and cooling systems, AND increased indoor air quality by reducing contaminants from outside air pollution.

What are the specifics? With Air Curtains from Mars, Berner, Curtron, or Dayton we can cover some of the broad concepts that they all incorporate. Laminar air streams: returning 70%-80% of indoor temperatures back into the warehouse, while blocking out those cold winter drafts. Another bonus of using air curtains, it helps you get more out of your existing heat by pulling the static warm air above and recirculates it back down to where its needed at over 4000cfm. Some of these units even include an automatic off setting when the roller doors are closed.

It’s easy to see why air curtains are one of the best option for keeping winter drafts out of the warehouse, and reduce your commercial HVAC operational costs year after year.

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