Commercial HVAC – Investment Funding

Sustainability is becoming a financial consideration for more and more commercial property owners and managers. A combination of increased interest in ESG investing and new government regulations are driving this shift in thinking. As a result, owners are taking a closer look at their HVAC systems and sometimes spending more. A recent panel hosted at ULI discussed how striving for net zero carbon emissions impacts your HVAC equipment choices. The Federal Insurance Office recently announced a move toward a stronger
position to regulate how insurers prepare all aspects of their business for climate change.

This includes real estate portfolios held by insurers. Some areas of the country are easier to convert to more sustainable construction activities. The availability of renewable energy is becoming a factor in location decisions. Opportunities to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. With ESG scores and Blackrock investment returns in the billions, the demand for green investments is increasing for projects across the country.

Capital is deployed to improve the efficiency of America’s largest commercial office, industrial, and retails spaces at the highest rate in recent history. Reach out to Air-Temp Mechanical to discuss improving your efficiency and long term savings. We provide commercial HVAC innovations in Cleveland Ohio.

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